Sunday, April 1, 2007

Aimee's Baby Shower

Sorry it took so long to get these pictures up. I really think I'm losing my mind. Of course, the day of the shower, I really thought I was going to lose it. I decided to go over to my parents' house to make everything because their kitchen is alot larger. My parents were down in Katy, TX visiting my sister and her husband, so I would have the house all to myself. I have not done much cooking over at my parents' house since they remodeled. So, I was having trouble finding stuff. It seemed like I had to call my mom a hundred times just to know where stuff was. Well, once I found everything I needed I was well on my way to making all the food. But, after I made the cake and was getting ready to get the icing prepared to decorate, I realized that I couldn't find any food coloring. So, I had to run to the store and get some. I ended up leaving a little late but thought I would make it up on the road until I got caught in traffic going about 3 miles an hour on the freeway. It's just my luck too. Needless to say, it was so hectic just trying to get over to Aimee's house for the shower. But once I made it there, everything went pretty smoothly, except for the fact that I forgot to bring the gift. I remembered the cake and crepes, etc. And then I forgot the gift. I really think that I'm losing it. Here are some pictures from the shower.

This is a picture of Aimee, her daughter Samantha and her mother, Donna

Here we have Aimee, Samantha and Aimee's Grandmother

Aimee opening up some gifts.

Aren't these duckie slippers toooo cute?

Here is a shot of Aimee, Samantha and Megan

Picture of Sheila, Aimee and Samantha

Picture of Sheila, Aimee, Samantha and Megan

Some more cute outfits for Katy Michelle (that's what Martin and Aimee are naming daughter number 2).

Even more outfits for Baby Katy (and it looks like Samantha wants all of Katy's things).

Here is the newer, bigger diaper bag so that Aimee can carry around stuff for two youngins.

In the center of the picture we have Aimee's friend, Penny and her daughters, Cheyenne and Brooklyn.

Here we have a picture of Aimee, Samantha, Hope and Isabella is in front.

Here Aimee has a new quilt for Baby Katy.

Here is a picture of Megan and Katy (and no, it is not a typo, This is Jordan's daughter Katy).

Here we have a picture of Megan with Emily (Jordan's other daughter, Katy's twin sister).

Here is Aimee receiving some paper and craft stuff to work on scrapebooking for Baby Katy's scrapbook.

Here is a picture of Jordan, Aimee and Megan.

Here we have Heather (who is due about 1½ months after Aimee), Aimee and Samantha.

More cute outfits for Baby Katy.

Here is a picture of Aimee with the cake that I made for the shower.

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